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Welcome to Ballito Bay

We are preparing submissions for the following exhibitions:

The Threadneedle prize
The BP Portrait award 2012

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year

January 2012 brings new ideas, opportunities and new ventures. Apart from sharing our premises to showcase new and upcoming Artists, we shall also continue to teach and provide resources for applied artiests and craftsmen.

Our online shop has gone from Strength to strength and our artists also now have the opportunity to show their works going to exhibition, tell a little about themselves and create links to their blogs and other online resources.

Because this is a glass art site all our artwork can be found under the link Our Glass.

If you are looking to buy a BOTTLE CLOCK please click here

Our shop is divided into seven categories they are:

Jewellery - pendants, earrings, cufflinks, brooches, beaded necklets
Homewares - Bespoke dinner services, wall plates, bottle clocks,
Gifts - Gift boxes,
Interior - fire screens, shower screens, tiffany lamps, pre designed lamps
Exterior - Windows, garden panels, Stepping stones and sculpture
Photography on glass - personal and scene photography
Commissions - Stained glass and hot glass, windows, sculpture, signage

Ballito Bay is an alternative way to find that essential glass piece. Whether its a piece of glass jewellery, a wall mounted objet d'art, or a sculpture, our customers are our guests.

Our gallery is deliberately designed to resemble a living room, where the smell of freshly prepared coffee greets anyone who walks through the door. Snuggle up in front of the fireplace, browse through a catalogue or chat to one of our artists or designers about what youre looking for - best of all it needn't cost the earth.

While large commissions involve a consultation fee, asking for a small piece of jewellery to be made in a particular way is usually not charged for.

There is a coffee counter that offers a range of different taste opportunities from full fat and skinny lattes all the way to herbal infusions and soft drinks which the children prefer. We have biscuits and cakes to serve with drinks, but do not prepare any foodexcept breakfast rolls on the premises aside from hot drinks.

Well behaved children are wellcome, but that doesnt mean they can't have fun. With a chalkboard for them to play on and a toy bucket as well as some childrens books, there's something to keep all ages busy. Children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times while in our shop.

We have a  reference and resource centre for hobbyists and artists alike and we also have a "free" bookshelf for our patrons. Books are placed on the shelf to be read and taken by our customers at no charge. We do however ask you to pay the favour forward and when possible bring any good reads you've enjoyed in to share on the shelf with others.

Ballito Bay gets its name from a small town on the North coast of Natal in South Africa. It means "little ball" in Italian and was originally derived from the name of a pair of italian stockings that were manufactured in Sheffield in England during the mid twentieth century. The name was chosen because the owners married in this natural, unpretentious and totally unspoilt beauty spot. A place that holds their hearts.

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